Windcreche is a narrow valley on the coast of the White Sea, reachable by both iceship and air boat. the 9,000 people who live here in winter make up the ninth and smallest city-state within the Haslanti League.

Windcreche provides a necessary layover point for air boats making the crossing over the tundra to Crystal.

Windcreche has little agriculture. Seal and walrus hunting are major occupations, and the city-state provides more ivory to Creation than even Tuskstad. Despite ivory’s importance to the Haslanti economy (especially when buying slaves), Windcreche remains one of the poorer and more tribal of the settled communities. Few foreigners ever bother to visit except on their way farther north and east to Crystal.

Windcreche stands on a peninsula jutting into a large bay, with city walls of rough-hewn stones packed together to form wharves for both skate-boats for walrus hunters and larger iceholts and trading vessels that stop here to collect the ivory or to drop supplies for Crystal. A large, central square serves as the town market and the air boat landing ground. Rendering factory smells from processing whale and walrus blubber into oil and gas for refueling air boats fill every street. Most houses here are small winter dwellings, built of stone covered with plaster mixed with walrus blood (as red walls make it harder to become lost in a snowstorm). Most houses are two stories high, with the kitchen on the first floor and the living rooms on the second.

Windcreche cows are famous for their small size. None is more than three feet high at the shoulder, but they produce the sweetest milk in Creation. Windcreche butter-cheese is a delicious luxury in the East. Unfortunately, the erosion in the surrounding pastureland, and the distended size of the whole herd, may cause this luxury to vanish forever.

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