The White Walker

Caste: Moonshadow

Anima Banner: Whirling blizzard containing spectre and shriekings wraiths, whipping past of ice-razored winds

Motivation: Promote Ancestor Cults in the North with savage zeal

The White Walker is one of the best known ancestor cult champions in the North. An albino who appears almost ghostly, being clad all in funeral white. It is said:

"When the White Walker knocks on your door, let him in, for he bears a message from one of your dead ancestors now living in poverty in the Underworld, while you enjoy the fruit's of that ancestor's hard lifes work."

He is a compassionate soul but only towards ghosts, for he finds it a universal injustice that mortals lives in Creation for only a short span of years while a ghost may exist in the Underworld for much longer (provided they are remembered and given sacrifices from the living to assure their prosperity in the lands of the dead).

He has little paitence for the idle rich who do not properly venerate their ancestors. More than once has he slaughtered entire families refusing to properly render sacrifices to their ancestors, utilizing his necromancy to make sure his victims rise as Ghosts in the Underworld (a fitting punishment he feels - making them suffer as they chose to let their ancestors before them suffer).

The Immaculate Order of the North have been commanded to destroy the White Walker on sight, but his mastery of the Hungry Ghost style has made him a formiddable foe. The time is comming however when the Cloister of Wisdom dispatches one of their Luminaries to deal with him for good.

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