Caste: Moonshadow

A gladiator in Nexus, who died before he could become famous. After his death in a private bout, he was Exalted and trained to act as the Walker’s envoy to Sijan. Due to the interference of a Solar Exalt, though, the deathknight earned his master’s ire for losing a beautiful ghost the Deathlord had purchased from Sijan as a concubine. (In fact, the Solar was Exalted in the midst of a foolhardy attempt to “rescue” the ghost.) The Deathlord punished White Bone Sinner with a six-month imprisonment in a nightmarish chamber of distorted reflections that rip at the minds of any who gaze upon them. Now calling himself the Visitor in the Hall of Obsidian Mirrors, this deathknight is desperate either to return the lovely ghost to the Ebon Spires or else to gain revenge on the Solar who set her free. In his free time, he fantasized about taking revenge on the Nexus gladiator who ended his life.

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