Motivation: Unite the agents of Oblivion against Creation

Caste: Moonshadow

Anima Banner: A monstrous giant raiton skull looms above Weeping Raiton, its mouth is full of fangs and a maw of infinite emptiness.

Weeping Raiton

Even Deathlords can fear. What haunts the nightmares of the mightiest of the dead is the prospect that one day their deathknights will grow powerful enough to challenge them.

Such fears are not unfounded, for Weeping Raiton Cast Aside appears to be the harbinger of that fateful day.

Claiming to be the emissary of the Neverborn themselves, she arrives within the domains of the Deathlords when they least desire to be reminded of the greater powers that they serve. There is no deception in her words, and few risk the ire of her alleged masters by denying her. Legends of her exploits have spread rapidly through the courts of the Deathlords and the general populace of the Underworld.

Her origin is a matter of much debate. She might be a Deathlord or a hekatonkhire in disguise. She might be a sign that Abyssals can grow in power more quickly than their masters thought possible. She might even be a sign that the Neverborn have plans for the Abyssal Exalted that are unrevealed to the Deathlords, and this is the most frightening possibility of all.

Regardless of origin, her power is undeniable. Her visits often leave Deathlords fearful and paranoid of their own servants, leaving those deathknights frustrated at their lieges’ sudden reticence to teach them. In their frustration, they look to other powers to instruct them, so Weeping Raiton spreads her dark gospel as a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Some Deathlords obsess on her, hoping to divine the Neverborn’s will for her and perhaps chain their own Abyssals in deeper slavery, but the ancient ghosts do not obsess too openly or selfishly for fear of provoking the Neverborn.

Weeping Raiton Cast Aside politely declines to comment on the subject. Attempts to steal the secret from her mind have resulted either in the Neveborn’s rebuke or the revelation that Weeping Raiton Cast Aside has so irrevocably sacrificed her identity to Oblivion that her past no longer exists in a meaningful fashion.

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