The nominal commander of the Haslanti League's Wind Fleet is a slender and agile woman of 43. She is the Granddaughter of the man who first designed the League's airboats, and regards service to the Wind Fleet as a family occupation. She joined up partly to please her father and partly because she loved to fly. Her responsibilities include keeping the fleet and its hangars in good repair, and reporting the status of both directly to the Oligarchs,

Of late, much of her time is spent on the ground, seeing to maintenance and the construction of new air boats and instructing crews in techniques and tactics. Most of her captains are so busy that she hardly ever gets to check in with them. She dreads the day when a major accident at one of her resupply stations or a serious storm front causes a delay in the food shipments to the two northernmost cities of the League. She understands better than anyone that the League needs even larger air boats than it currently has to keep up with the growing demands of the air-trade and that the Haslanti are currently at risk of not having the ships they need when a crisis arises.

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