Tepet Lisara

Caste: Fire

Motivation: Defeat an Anathma near/within Chiaroscuro without calling in a Wyld Hunt to restore her reputation

Anima Banner: Swirling corona of yellow flames

Both of Lisara's parents were noted generals, making her future admission to the House of Bells a given where she did excel - though few guessed her high marks in military tactics were attributed to similtanious affairs with three different instructors. The most respected of which she later blackmailed into recomending her for a position as adjutant to General Tepet Tilis Mallon, and later to command the Third Legion.

It was out of pure jealousy that Lisara 'persuaded' Mallon to remove Tepet Ejava (her cousin) from the field. It was she again her suggested the stratagem that led to disaster for both the Legion and House Tepet against the Bull of the North. While her house doesn't know how responsible she is for this failures, she is still seen as a disgrace and a military failure.

Currently Lisara is second-in-command of a miserable outpost in Chiaroscuro. She amuses herself by re-assigning high potential male officers to menial or suicidal tasks (depending on her mood). Her commanding officer (who was assigned the position as a punishment for habitual drunkenness) neither knows nor cares about Lisara's female chauvinisim - which stems from her strange obsession with her 'rival' the Bull of the North. Additionally on several occasions her contempt for Tri-Khan of Chiaroscuro has threatened to trigger a diplomatic.

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