The largest branch of the Ears are officially called the Speakers of Zephyr and Storm. The are the League’s diplomatic corps who send out trained ambassadors and staffs to speak for Haslanti interests in the Realm’s client states, in Whitewall, Gethamane and even the distant East. Speakers who remain behind read the letters from distant places, send messages to their colleagues across Creation and pass the most important data to where it needs to go, whether the Oligarchs, the Grandmothers, the military or another branch of the Ears.

Of late, the Speakers have said much relating to the Zephyr and heard more of the Storm. The destruction of the Tepet legions has raised a number of worries about the League’s continued immunity from attack. Yet, the Speakers urge caution for the moment, concerned that matters might suddenly force the Haslanti into a war with a Dawn Caste Solar Exalt and his Circle. Even so, the League is well aware that they might soon have to choose sides.

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