At the center of Whitewall's Midtown is a grand Solar Manse. For centuries, it was closed off; those living in the city were more comfortable ignoring it, despite the fact that it was the single largest building in the city.

During the Shogunate, Dragon-Blooded forced their way into the Manse to check for “threats planted by the Anathema.” The Manse’s defenses were initially overwhelmed, but . The first several years of the Shogunate saw a string of battles between the Dragon-Blooded and Whitewall’s Solar Manse. The Manse ultimately won, as the adaptive system quickly evolved to keep the Terrestrials out and no more Dragon Blooded were willing to die in the effort to wrest the building’s secrets from it. To minimize the embarrassment, the Manse was declared illegal and off-limits to all and was effectively abandoned, even though it stood in the center of the city’s busiest district.

When the Syndics took possession of Whitewall, they wanted to preside over the city from the Manse. They made a couple of tentative attempts to enter, but when the Manse rebuffed their efforts, they were perfectly willing to let the Manse remain abandoned, another sign they are attempting to steward the city rather than take it over. Recently, the city’s official diplomat, a Solar Exalted of the Eclipse Caste named Rune, entered the Manse with no difficulty whatsoever, and he has since taken possession of the building.

Anyone looking closely at the Essence flow around this Manse will realize it’s focusing some of the ambient Essence out from the Manse instead of directing the Essence into the Hearthstone chamber. This is the source of the extreme fertility of Whitewall’s fields.

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