The Shapers of Form are the artists who paint pictures for enemy eyes. It is their job to conceal Haslanti force movements, to forge letters to enemy commanders and mislead the spies of rivals. Some Shapers are field agents, who act as hangerson and assistants to official ambassadors or travel with Haslanti merchant parties. Far more Shapers are involved behind-the-scenes within the League’s borders, where they plant incorrect information in places spies will find it or lure agents on wild goose chases for the secrets of air boat construction or the latest information on First Age relics recovered from Crystal and Diamond Hearth.

Two secondary teams exist within the Shapers of Form, namely the savants studying First Age devices in their labs at Windcreche and the team of engineers trying to replicate First Age effects using Second Age equipment, stationed at Ironfall.

The head of the Shapers is Ka Mockingbird, a miner’s daughter from the Great Ice. In her early 30s, redhaired and bright-eyed with wonder at what her savants and engineers can do most of the time. Her smile and laughter are renowned within the Ears, and she takes great delight in the cunning or the clever. Her favorite phrase is, “Is it simple enough to fool barbarians?” She helped design the folding glider 10 years ago a critical - tool in the Haslanti arsenal.

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