Creation is not our world. It is not a sphere world like a planet, but similar to a disk

Creation is a VAST world. Despite its design its size surpasses that of what we know as Earth. More so when it is realized that its surface is predominantly above sea-level, giving even more room for settlement to occur.

Creation is also not old. While the Scarlet Empress ruled history was recorded and archieved for over 750 years, yet the world itself dates back only less than 5,000.

Given this incredible size, there is much in creation that lies unaccounted for. Hundreds of Thousands of ruins, tombs, and fortresses remain lost and undiscovered.

Mechanics of Creation Edit

Creation is a world of magic, so its laws are quite different to what we understand in the 'real' world. Here are a few difference:

  • Creation is, essentially, a disk - not a sphere.
  • The Sun is a magical sphere that rises from the East, sets in the West, then reappears in the East the next day. It does not "orbit" creation as creation isn't a sphere. Some theorize it has an eliptical path with its height directly above the Pole of Earth (the center of creation) and its depth the Pole of Fire (the desert of the South)
  • There is no VOID of space. Beyond creation is the Wyld which is essentially all matter - though objects and life here are not limited by the laws of physics and consistancy break down. Randomness and madness are the only thing that is assured beyond the borders of Creation.

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