The Slug

Caste: Wood

Anima: Swirling Mass of white rose petals and black thorns

Motivation: Make sure the future ruler of the Scarlet Empire is deeply indebted to him.

many Dynasts consider Sesus Nagezzer a lesson in how far a Dragon-Blooded can fall from grace. Nagezzer wouldn't object to it either since he has actively cultivated this image for decades.

Over 100 years ago, shortly after his Exaltation, Nagezzer was injured in a military skirmish and rendered lame in one leg. a man of prodigious appetites before being crippled, his weight quickly exploded into gross obesity. he found his invitations to the Imperial Courts ignored, and even his former friends had cruelly nicknamed him 'The Slug'. This embittered Nagazzer to even GREATER depths of gluttony and debbauchery.

He quickly realized he would never hold any official power in the Scarlet Empire, despite being the Grandson of the Scarlet Empress herself. Instead he embraced his name of "Slug" as a badge of Honor and became a lord of the Shadow Court. He turned the Throne of Roses, his family manse, (inherited on his mother's untimly, and suspect, death) into a den of decadence and pleasure where any vice and desire could be fulfilled... for the right price (typically information and favors; wealth has never been a concern of his).

The Slug's Flag

When not presiding over his main orgy chamber, The Slug is usually in his private boardroom surrounded by a retinue of a dozen personal bodyguards. Here he directs his many agents across the Realm and beyond to accumilate secrets to increase his investments and spin his web of connections even further. He has even been known to uses his vast wealth to unofficially support depleted satrapies with mercinaries marching under his flag.

He has already recruited a number of young Dragon-Bloods in the military and buereacracy, who are dismayed by the inner conflict of the Great Houses. Ironically, the greatest danger to the Slug comes these young-bloods who secretly wish to see him on the Scarlet Throne - unaware that doing so could essentially be a death sentence to their elevated hero.

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