The People Edit

Central to creation, yet ungoverned by the discipline of the Realm, the Scavenger Lands have no particular traits that define them. Indeed many of its people have ancestry from multiple directions, with common heritage being from the North and East. Westerners are seen here as well though they are possibly the least common due to the divide created by the Blessed Isle which sits between the two locations.

The most common traits of "Scavengers" are brown or ashen skin of various tones, with brown or black hair.

Life in the Lands Edit

Central to Creation, the Scavenger Lands have a comfortable climate most year round akin to the Blessed Isle. It is a significant trade hub due to the Guild having established their headquarters here in the city of Nexus. Its separation from the Realm also makes it popular

Major States Edit

Great Forks, City of Temples - City of the God's, built to represent Yu-Shan.

Lookshy - The greatest Military Power of the Scavenger Lands, famed for its blacksmiths, soldiers, and largest non-Dynast Dragon Blooded congregation. Their culture dates back before the Scarlet Empire and still up holds beliefs from that by-gone period.

Nexus -

Minor States Edit

Chaya Republic - A state of 12 sizable villages whose people are renown for their diplomatic ability, devoted work ethic, and anti-slavery ideals. During the month of Resplendent Fire, outsiders steer clear of these lands...

Denandsor -

Gloam -

Greyfalls -

Jiara -

Jibei, City of the Sword -

The Marukan Alliance -

Mount Metagalapa - A floating mountain with a small population who have tamed the native hawkmen into slaves. Famed for their hawkriders and small statured people, their society remains isolated from much of Creation beyond their raids. However even they are forming trade agreements with other societies.

Sijan, City of Tombs - A neutral city famed for its society devoted to correctly burying and appeasing the dead. Families all over creation organize their entrance to the Underworld via the Sijanese. They are one of the few cities who openly work with the Deathlords, and yet still refuse to surrender to their rule.

Thorns, - Once a great city known for its artisans and cultural creations, it now lies rotting since the Deathlord Mask of Winters took control of it overnight and made the world recognize the threat he and his kin pose to all Creation.

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