Aspect: Air

The wittiest, kindest, cleverest and most successful courtesan in Icehome. Catering to a wide array of merchants, diplomats, tribal leaders and foreign visitors, Ralinona’s house and girls (and a few boys) are famous in the North as the place to go for all sorts of entertainment — and not just sexual either.

Gateway tournaments, draughts round-robins, concerts — Ralinona provides all sorts of entertainments to her guests and gentlemen; she also handles most of the bouncing duties personally.

Ralinona is also a scion of House Nellens and is the Realm’s principal agent in the Haslanti League. Her house caters to the wealthy and powerful, and she herself is able to listen in on many of the conversations in her house. Her girls act as a secondary network of informants, and she has contacts all over the League.

Ralinona’s greatest frustration is her apparent sterility.

While the Dragon-Blooded are renowned for their ability to propagate, she has been unable to conceive at any time in the last six decades, and her three former husbands have done quite well with new wives. Small wonder, then, that she has been exiled from the glittering courts to this barbarian wilderness. The bitterness underlying her charming smiles is concealed but growing. As an Air Aspect, she has a surprising degree of affinity with the Northerners, and Blue Dragonfish has been a friend and customer — if not exactly a useful source of information — for more than 30 years.

He is attempting to sway her into joining her loyalties with the League, but in a very soft-handed way. She knows his ploy and seeks to turn it to her own advantage.

Ralinona has silky, yellow-white hair that the wind teases and toys with quite easily. Her skin has a yellowblue texture to it, and her smile is both playful and intelligent. She prefers silks and fine Southern linens to scratchy wool, but the sight of her in her blue traveling leathers has been known to make customers swoon — or even bow down.

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