Motivation: Reveal the crimes and scandals of the Scarlet Dynasty

Caste: Secrets

Anima Banner: Pale and featureless, unrevealing green glow.

May Blossom was born to patricians of House Nellens, but she had many opportunities to spy on her Exalted aunts, uncles and cousins. She thus concluded that her Exalted kin were not the morally perfect paragons that her parents and Immaculate tutors claimed. In fact, their debauches would get any common folk hanged, or at least disgraced. May Blossom Exalted as she was about to perform a satirical song on this topic at a family recital, when the sunlight reflecting off a green lacquer box told her this was a really bad idea. When the Bureau of Destiny came to collect her, though, May Blossom left a complete record of what she knew… and paid a servant to leave it at the time and place she foresaw it would cause the greatest uproar among her Exalted relatives. She joined the Gold Faction, of course.

As one of Heaven’s secret agents, May Blossom finds her early instruction within a Dynastic household almost as useful as her training from the Bureau of Destiny. She can pass as a highborn lady anywhere in the Realm or the Scavenger Lands. The Oracle specializes in seducing her way into the salons (if not necessarily the beds) of the upper classes and discovering their secret intentions or hidden connections to creatures beyond fate. She often leaves her targeted group in an uproar as hidden scandals come to light.

While May Blossom works principally as an infiltrator, she is also a nascent sorceress, and she hopes to pursue this interest in greater depth. When soft words and false identities fail, she defends herself using Wood Dragon Claw, augmented by the Violet Bier of Sorrows Style of martial arts. May Blossom prefers to avoid combat, though, as she knows it will never be her strong suit. Her third great interest is riding (her family bred racehorses), and she is an expert equestrian. Sidereal partners usually rely on May Blossom to procure mounts.

May Blossom looks like an idealized princess: slim but beautifully rounded in all the right places, with elegantly coiffed black hair. Her assured but not haughty manner has men instinctively calling her “ma’am” and offering to help her. She generally wears embroidered gowns of translucent silk, long gloves, golden armbands and a spectacular jeweled headdress that incorporates her dragon tear tiara and hearthstone.