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Malfeas, once king, hates Creation, and he hates imprisonment. Most of all, though, he loathes his own form. Though reshaped into a city against his will, Malfeas retained some control, and his environment seethes with spite. He must admit the magical materials, but steel—so useful in Creation—warps into its component ores upon entering his gates, clattering in pieces to the brazen streets. If self-destruction were open to him, he might take that path. It’s not, so he commits small suicides. Parts of the Demon City crash furiously into others, arches and causeways collapse with metallic moans, and ruins submerge themselves in murky Adorjan.

Malfeas is the Demon City. His heart is a green metal sun. His body has turned inside out to form his eternal prison: a city of black stone and brass, a living metropolis of fluted, flared architecture and mad interwoven design. In his rage and frustration, he has grown new cities of his flesh and sent them slamming against the older cities that surround them — a hundred times, at least, and perhaps a thousand. Now, the city exists in endless layers, with his tarnished heart casting a green glow over the whole. His greening copper releases invisible toxins, and mortals who come to the Demon City sicken and die in seven days.

Often, two layers crush together. They do not rebound. Rather, the outer layer expands, its structure both collapsing and unfolding like a puzzle to form a larger, greater shell. The greatest city of them all, the outermost layer where his inside-out body lies raw and open with its visceral rooflines and its black towering bones, has nearly infinite scope.

Of all the Yozis, Malfeas hates the world most. Though his pain matches theirs, his shame is greater. He cannot break free, though he tries, so he rages. He plans more cruelly than his peers against the Exalted and the gods who imprisoned them.

If Malfeas were to ever gain freedom, creation would be thrown into a terrifying cycle of self-destruction and recovery - destined to rebuild purely to be demolished again. The war would be endless as Malfeas' eternal rage.

Demons Descending from the Demon City[]

Ligier, the Green Sun[]

Sondok, She-Who-Stands-In-Doorways[]

  • Erymanthoi, the Blood-Apes

Berengiere, the Weaver of Voices[]

  • Neomah, the Makers of Flesh
  • Noresores, the Passion Morays

Gervesin, the Grieving Lord[]

  • Decanthropes, the Body Snatchers
  • Metody, the Malfean Elementals

Amalion, the Manse of Echoes Ascending[]

Ipithymia, the Street of Gold Lanterns[]

Suntarankal, the Crucible of Brass and Iron[]