The heavy cruisers of the Wind Fleet are the 112 firstclass air boats. With a 450-foot-long gasbag constructed out of layers of silk, dozens of individual bladders of whale intestine and laminated wicker, such an air boat could easily be mistaken for a cloud, were it not that an air boat is painted in bright colors, to emphasize the League’s achievement — and to aid in finding the cruiser when storms or arrow fire bring it down.

This larger air boat looks like an oversized version of the second-class vessel, but in addition, the first-class air boat possesses a semi-circular sail mounted at the midship point, spreading perpendicular to the main keel of the vessel in a fan-shaped array. Six pedal-powered propellers constructed of bamboo serve as the main motive force against the wind. The passenger and crew compartment contains three decks, with the upper deck being exposed to the wind and weather for most of its length.

This highest deck serves as a launching platform for the six gliders that the air boat first class carries as part of its standard complement.

The air boat first class has a crew of 20, including the captain. Each vessel can carry up to 10 tons of cargo and six dozen soldiers and their gear or 20 tons of cargo alone.

Most of these air boats are involved in the regular patrol runs between the southernmost Haslanti cities and farms and the more northern cities such as Diamond Hearth and Crystal. The journey can take several days in each direction, especially fully laden with cargo or crew.

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