The Knight of Ghosts and Shadows did not begin as one of the Bodhisattva’s servants. Instead, the Silver Prince recruited him away from a rival. The Day Caste Abyssal arrived in Onyx about six months ago as a refugee from the court of the Lover Clad in the Raiment of Tears. As he explained to the Silver Prince, the Knight had grown disgusted by his mistress’s licentiousness and abandoned her court. After years of wandering, tales of the Prince’s audacity and charisma led him to Skullstone. Since then, the Knight has served the Bodhisattva faithfully. Lately, however, the Knight worries about strange alterations to his body: crinkling skin, graying hair, a growing numbness in his hands. Concerned that his condition comes from some curse from the Lover, he has petitioned the Bodhisattva for advanced training in necromancy in hopes of combating whatever ails him.