5 Elemental Dragons

According to Immaculate doctrine, the Elemental Dragons are the sum Essential total of Creation’s primal make-up. Birthed by the Primordial Gaia. They are the foundation of Creation; the purest primal elemental otherness—their forms too pure to be made manifest in Creation, beings of utter transcendence who can never be wholly understood. In Immaculate theology, they are not aloof or uncaring - simply distant out of a desire to preserve the great Creation of their mother.

What mortals and Exalted can understand of the Elemental Dragons is present in the Immaculate Dragons - five Dragon-Blooded of great power, considered physical manifestations of the Elemental Dragons themselves, who rose and acted during the Ursurption. Their legacy led to the founding of the Immaculate Order - established in the belief that through absolute devotion one could achieve the perfection of these legends.

The five Immaculate Dragons were:

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