RY Event
8 Refugees settle a valley of hot springs and ruined spas, founding the town Inara.
57 Birth of Bethan Redeye
71 The Syndics take over Whitewall .
73 The Syndics successfully negotiate the 1,000-year pact
102 Refugees lead by Bethan Redeye discover an abandoned underground City. They name it Gethamane.
103 Bethan Redeye formalizes Gethamane 's Council of 12
107 The Guild makes contact with Gethamane. Bethan Redeye allows trade but establishes new rules to prevent The Guild taking over.
146 Bagrash Köl uses the Eye of Autochthon to build a great Northern kingdom

The Guild opens trade with Bagrash Köl .

Bethan Redeye of Gethamane passes away, age 93.

174 Brem Marst is invitated to Bagrash Köl's palace. Afterward, the Guild quietly moves personnel and supplies from the kingdom.
176 Bagrash Köl vanishes, his palace crashes to earth; the Wyld swallows his kingdom.
366 Icewalker attacks prompt Inara and several other towns to confederate into the republic of Shanarinara .
412 Immaculate monks kill Arvida of the Crescent Eye, goddess of the Haslanti tribes. Haslanti Time of Madness begins.
433 Icehome founded
468 Cholistan is destroyed when a long-abandoned manse detonates. The shadowland Silent Meadow of Dust forms around its ruins
500 Guild approaches Haslan tribes in the Four Camps
580  Guild confined to the Four Camps and a few minor trading centers along the coast
582 Gerd Marrow-Eater calls the Twisted Stone Convocation. Haslanti conquer the Four Camps, thrice led by Gerd. Council of Oligarchs established
586 Gethamane War begins
593 Gethamane War ends; Guild gives in and agrees to limited trade with the new Haslanti League

Salvaged First Age device destroys Liriel-Anneth.

Start of Wyldfog War as Wyld storms blow through the North

722 Founding of Crystal
726 Flintbeak Nightingale disperses last Wyldfog five miles from Icehome
727 Tin and jade discovered in the hills of Shanarinara
731 Tzatli rediscovered near Diamond Hearth
752 Exaltation of Samea of the Blackwater Mammoth Tribe
757 Varajtul launch strike southeast out of Kunlun region

Yurgen Kaneko, the Bull of the North, Exalts - kills his Wyld Hunt and begins gathering icewalker tribes into an army

Katrin Jadehand becomes Gethamane 's new Mistress; age 40.

759 Battle of Five Fangs: Realm legions defend a small client state against the Varajtul. The five-day-long stand breaks Varajtul forces, ending the cannibal invasion
760 Plenilune surrenders to the Bull; his icewalkers conquer the Saltspire League
761 Linowan War begins with the Bull’s attack on Rokan-jin and Talinin
763 The Scarlet Empress vanishes
764 Battle of Futile Blood: the Bull of the North's armies slaughter the Tepet legions.
765 Saltspire League cities rebel against icewalker tribute
766 Raneth of Diamond Hearth arrives in Plenilune as its Bull-appointed governor and retakes the city
767 Nalla Bloodaxe elected king of Karn; opens “negotiations” with the Bull of the North .
768  Present day
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