Gods of Gethamane

Each of Gethamanes three temples is home to to a a god; (Reshan of the Inward Breath), (Metheris of the Still Sky) and (Tribbua of the Outward Breath). The three little gods of Gethamane hold their priests in common and are worshiped equally by the priesthood, though the mortals don’t know their true names or the differences between them.

When Gethamane was first hollowed out, the Solars called on these small gods, worshiped by local tribes, and promised them temples and worship inside Gethamane if they would keep air circulating throughout the mountain. They agreed and, even when the petty barbarian tribes who worshiped them previously died, the gods survived and grew stronger - supported by constant prayers and ritual.

When Vodak swept through Gethamane and devoured everyone within, the three little gods were not strong enough to stop him. They sought assistance in Yu-Shan, but all the other gods were preoccupied by the Great Usurpation, and nobody would help them. They could only watch as their worshipers were swallowed up before their eyes, screaming for help.

Left alone and slowly going mad, they sat in their empty temples and kept the winds moving through Gethamane, ensuring that there was fresh air even if there was nobody left alive to breathe it.

When humans returned to Gethamane, some slept in the empty temples, and the three gods attempted to contact them in their dreams. A few touched by the deities’ insanity became their priests, tending the temples and worshiping as best they could.

A very few were seized with memories of Vodak’s attack on Gethamane and relive it in their minds constantly. These poor souls become desperate to escape the city, screaming in terror while lost in panic, and, if restrained, often injure themselves in their desperate attempts to flee. If they manage to leave the city, the memories slip from their minds together with the touch of the gods, leaving the sufferers with nothing more than nightmares and a deeply rooted terror of Gethamane.

The three gods’ mansions in Yu-Shan have stood empty since the Usurpation. Few have bothered to investigate, since those gods reported directly to the Solars after building Gethamane (and those Solars died in the Usurpation).

Indeed, the deities whose portfolios related to Tribbua, Reshan and Metheris are all too happy to ignore their absence, as it allows them more scope to expand. It would take a significant audit in Yu-Shan’s bureaucracy to discover the existence of these small gods in Gethamane and trace what happened to them.

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