Oligarchs Representative: Yidigal - elected on the strength of his working-class origins. His salt-thickened hands and numerous scars mark him as a former whaler and walrus hunter.

A small city even in wintertime, with 12,000 people calling it home and an additional 40,000 living in the surrounding Outwall regions - herding reindeer and elk.

Nearby pastures are covered with reindeer and elk, interspersed with fields for spring and summertime crops. A massive outcropping of white stone shaped like a sleeping frost bear overlooks the town. Sacred to the herdfolk thereabouts, the burial places of the chiefs and matriarchs of nearby clans are hidden in caves along its flanks, and the tholos stands near the mouth of White Bear. The permanent town gathers just below it on the hill’s flanks.

In summer, the population shrinks to under 5,000, most of whom are shamans connected to sacred sites on White Bear, tribal elders too infirm for wandering and artisans involved in specialty crafts such as metalworking, agharbuilding and weaving.

During the weeks of the Fort Bear Assembly, the population often rises to almost 30,000. The Assembly gets little business done with 40 tribes in attendance, but the town and surrounding fields become a massive trade fair, with Haltans, Linowan, Haslanti, Cherakis, Rubylaks and Sijanese engaged in buying and selling their products. The League government frowns on this fair, regarding it as a usurpation of Icehome’s traditional rights as the League’s political and economic capital, but the Oligarchs can do little to stop it as it involves tribes most loosely connected to the Haslanti as a whole.

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