Motivation: Ravage the West for the Bodhisattva’s glory.

Caste: Dusk

Anima Banner: A great black siaka thrashing amidst a whirl of black breakers topped with violet foam.

Tales say that Ebon Siaka was a Tya—a woman of the West who lives as a man—before her Black Exaltation, but her lack of Tya tattoos puts the lie to the story. No, she was simply a robber who found it useful sometimes to pose as a Tya. A ship of real Tya eventually caught up to her gang, slaughtered the rest and threw her into the sea with an anchor-stone tied to her feet. As a group of siaka swam toward her sinking body, the Silver Prince offered her the Black Exaltation.

The Silver Prince seldom gives Ebon Siaka free time to indulge her taste for piracy. He keeps her too busy dealing with sea gods, elementals and Fair Folk who trespass against Skullstone.

He also sends her on missions on the Sea of Shadows, bullying ghostly communities throughout the Westand destroying sea monsters and oceanic hekatonkhires who do not submit to Skullstone.

Back home, she participates in building the Bodhisattva’s new fleet, so that she will understand the principles of the ships she will command.

Ebon Siaka has found that she has a knack for necrotech, though the hot-tempered Abyssal still prefers battle to artifice. While she has a number of abilities suitable for criminal and undercover work, her favorite investigative method is to assault anyone who might know anything, terrify the survivors and command any ghosts of the slain to talk.

Although the Silver Prince promises Ebon Siaka the command of the Black Fleet, the deathknight is intensely jealous of Moray Darktide. Her adventures and achievements equal his, and he has killed at least as many mortals as she has, but people respect him more. It gnaws at her.

The “Hammer of Skullstone” seems quite a short woman to carry such an immense stone maul, the Weight of Oblivion. It has a stone head but is principally made of soulsteel. It grants the normal magical material benefit to an Abyssal.

She wears soulsteel plate armor painted with Skullstone’s insignia. Ebon Siaka also carries a very small concussive Essence cannon holstered at her side. She wears her green-black hair cropped short.

Ebon Siaka carries one hearthstone of Creation and three Underworld hearthstones: a stone of aquatic prowess, a flawed gem, a gemstone of last resort and a crystal of seawalking. All are gifts from the Silver Prince. Ebon Siaka does not personally control any manses. She carries the hearthstones in her goremaul, her armor, hearthstone bracers and a hearthstone amulet.

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