Cynis Megara

Caste: Water

Anima Banner: Whirling dervish of ice-cold sea spray

Motivation: Find first Age secrets hidden and forgotten in the Western Ocean

Often Cynis wishes she had been born into House Mnemon. Its not that House Cynis has treated her badly. Rather, since her graduation from the Heptagram she is one of the few sorceress's of her house - making her feel a profound level of loneliness, as well as a degree of contempt for the majority of her family (they are all concerned with when their next big party will be thrown, instead of seeking the forbidden mysteries of Creation).

To pursue his fascination with the secrets of the First Age (and combat the sense of annoyance her family triggers in her), Megara left the Blessed Isle and, after much cajoling, has finally persuaded the elders of House Cynis in the value of finding lost treasures on uncharted islands in the Western Ocean. Since then she has continued to explore the infinate ocean on her personal yacht, the Tsuname of Roiling Waters, accompanied by four merchant ships (whose crews increasingly fear they will never see their home again).

In the two years since her expedition began, Megara has been fortunate - having found:

  • a forgotten First-Age naval instalation
  • two largely intact First-Age sea-crafts
  • a significant amount of Jade (liberated from a group of Pirates)

She has also quelled two mutinies; the first by guaranteeing all the slaves in her crew will earn their freedom on the return home, and the second by summoning 6-daemon courtesans to attend to the crew's "Needs".

However she remains unsatisfied. She tells no one what she wants to truely find, but she is certain "it" is just a little further west...

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