Founded only 46 years ago, Crystal is a boomtown built on a combination of feathersteel mining and the excavation and exploration of a number of First Age ruins. it only unwalled city in the League, first because of its youth (it is the youngest city in the League) and second its position in a small but not particularly healthy greenfield accessible only by air boat.

Surrounded by some fields, it produces most of its own staple foods, though has difficulty with fruits, vegetables and high-quality animals much larger than goats. Much of this must be brought in by air boat.

Crystal is the most eager for the soft living of civilization. Many residents either work in the mines or the city, seeking to gather enough wealth to move somewhere more civilized and warmer. Many more are merchants who supply necessities and luxuries of more adventurous work — dry goods salesmen, tool manufacturers and mercenaries of all stripes. Stern barbarians rub shoulders with air boat captains in the streets here, while flute-girls and dancing boys call out from open doors.

Crystal’s streets form a grid similar to imperial legion military camps, with the central market and major businesses located along the main north–south and east–west streets and smaller, more specialized markets springing up at the four squares at the center of each quarter: mining equipment in the northeast, animals and slaves in the southeast, First Age goods in the southwest and drugs and prostitutes in the northwest.

Crystal’s population reached a height of 15,000 people about 15 years ago, and an additional 15,000 live in villages in the larger greenfield. The Common Council knows its city-state cannot survive without the League and the air boats for the moment, but many residents desire a tighter and more rigorous political and legal system than Haslanti-style savage democracy. Of all the Haslanti states, Crystal is the most controlled.

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