Chose this sacrifice. Become one of the heirs of the Realm.

Motivation: To achieve self perfection and final enlightenment

Aspect: Air

Anima: A pearly mist spreads from Ghandarva as he spends Essence, in which strange shapes flutter and dance in the madness of their perfection.

Cevis Ghandarva rose to power and notoriety in the early reign of the Scarlet Empress as a young and ambitious scion of a now forgotten House. From adolescence, he experienced strange visions like memories, witnessing himself strangely perfected and infinitely regal. Captivated by this vision, he commissioned a temple on the Blessed Isle and declared himself the Immaculate Dragon Mela, reborn to enlighten the Dragon-Blooded host. Instead, he became a laughingstock and a pariah, decried by the Immaculate Order as a pathetic example of the Sickly Whore, antithesis of the Petitioner of Clouds Accordant to the Call of Battle.

Disgraced and humiliated, Ghandarva fled the Blessed Isle with a small retinue of 16 Exalts and several dozen mortals who still believed in him. In their wandering through the Threshold, Ghandarva and his followers encountered the enchanted woods in whose pool lay the Sea of Mind (see The Manual of Exalted Power—The Dragon Blooded, pp. 77-80, for further details). Attuning to its waters, they found the enigma of the shining city of Atsiluth Eternal, and Ghandarva eventually claimed Domnica’s Mantle from the mist of the forest, and so returned to Creation a dream that belonged to something older. With this artifact, he chose his next incarnation as the daughter of Ledaal.

The Sidereals watching over that Great House discerned something seriously wrong with Demyen in her adolescence, but it wasn’t until she attempted to bankrupt her House that they acted against her. Both sides badly underestimated each other, however, and Ghandarva escaped back to the Forest Witches wiser and more prosperous. After besting seven able warriors, some of whom she had trained in her previous life, Ghandarva convinced the Forest Witches she had returned to them to rule once more. She remained bitter that her efforts to sabotage the Realm had been unsuccessful and that Domnica’s Mantle was lost to her, but that did not stop her from searching for it until she had once more reclaimed its power.

Weary of that life, she found rebirth in the womb of Great Forks’ Spinner of Glorious Tales, who assumed female form to fulfill the infatuation that spawned Ghandarva once more. Cevis Ghandarva’s current form is that of a stern man with a bald pate and long, shimmering white hair to his waist. He has the sharp features of his divine heritage, but his blood is chiefly of the outcaste who was his father. He is always outfitted for battle and currently seeks out the location of Domnica’s Mantle in preparation for his next incarnation.

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