Cathak Lazera

Motivation: keep his troops in fighting trim, the natives in line and the Realm in charge

Aspect: Fire

Anima Banner: A white lion with a mane of red flames and a roar like a bonfire.

The life of General Cathak Lazera is order, discipline and martial prowess in service to the Realm. He demands everyone under his command share these values. At age 163, he has served in dozens of campaigns all over Creation and possesses an encyclopedic knowledge of military matters.

When he took over the 47th Legion five years ago, he court-martialed the former senior officers, personally beheaded the former general and instituted strict drill and discipline. Within weeks, he made the 47th battle-worthy again. General Lazera now commands one of the Realm’s best legions.

While General Lazera knows the people of Harborhead feel greater discontent, he believes a strong public presence by the clearly superior Imperial legion can prevent outright rebellion. Public parades and military exercises occur weekly to leave no doubt that the 47th is the strongest military power in the country. In turn General Lazera is disgusted by the heresy infecting Harbourhead, their sullen resistance to the Realm and their eternal tribal raids and vendettas.

Cathak Lazera is also aware the Great Houses seek to undermine House Cathak’s authority in Harborhead. Nevertheless, he gives officers from other Great Houses a chance to prove their loyalty to the legion and the Realm. Any officer who shows more interest in serving her House than her general gets sent to a cousin in Greyfalls.

Cathak Lazera is a strong, stocky man in middle age who wears his hair somewhat long but swept-back from his broad, heavy-browed face. A prominant scar crosses one eye. He always goes uniformed, at times even armored, if participating in significant maneuvers. An entourage of officers surrounds him while he’s on duty.

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