Autochthonian timeline Edit

While no official word exists on how Autochthonia experiences this timeline, it seems likely, being Elsewhere, that they experience it the same way that Heaven does: with no time passing. Since the Autochthonian time line is the only canonical one that spans the First Age to the present in a known number of years, this assumption will be used in the rest of this document when trying to determine the relation between First Age dates and RY 0. It is also assumed that Realm historians "officially" count the duration of the Time of Cascading years as 217 years. Naturally, events currently reckoned to have happened "3000 years ago" depend significantly on what timeline you are looking through.

In any case, if these assumption are true, the following relations exist:


First Age



History begins 0 -121 -4448
Autochthon leaves Creation 121 0 -4327
Start of Time of Cascading Years 2325 2204 -2123
End of Time of Cascading Years 2543 2204 -1906
Realm Begins 4449 4110 0
Present 5217 4878 768
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